Rajasthani Salawar Kameez

Rajasthani Salawar Kameez Jaipurwala.com is a leading exporter of salwar kameez in India. Its export different types of salwar kameez like designer salwar kameez, fashion salwar kameez, bridal salwar kameez, traditional salawar kameez, occasion salawar suits etc. We made up rajasthani salwar kameez and Indian salwar kameez in different materials and designs. Our salawar kameez and salwar suits are available on very reasonable prices. We sure that our salwar kameez and suits designs would definitely go to impress you.

We can offer salwar kameez outfits in all sizes. Simply send us your size details indicating your preferences. Then we will make custom salawar kameez dress for the size you mention including tall and plus sizes. Click on you wide salwar kameez collection, finalize your expect salwar kameez designs and send us your preferences along with your order.

Designer Salwar Kameez

Designer Kameez Salwar or Shalwar have no parameters of creativity or it does not follow the rules of traditional parameters upto some extent. Designer Salwar Kameez execute work like uneven patches of different fabric on base fabric, Resham embroidery, Silver embroidery, Golden embroidery, Metal beads, Real pearls, different shapes and curves, stylish cuts, buckles, wood beads, glass beads, glass work, lace work, net work with sexy looking linings showing the body underneath.


Embroidered Salwar Kameez

Generally embroidery salwar kameez made up of a comfortable fabric, can be worn on festivals or other celebrations. Salwar kameez decorated with embroidery and mirror work. The dupatta of embroidery salawar kameez is also make in festive color and has elegant embroidery.


Traditional Salwar Kameez

Salwar-kameez is the traditional dress worn by various peoples of South Asia. Salwar are loose trousers and the kameez is a long shirt.Traditional Kameez is normally long up to knee with wide circumference (Gher) and with full sleeves. It is almost fully covered from the back as back neck line depth like 2-3" and medium low at the front like 6-7" inches as front neck line depth. It is wide or broad at neck like 6-7" inches to put the head into the Kameez.Salwar or bottom part is a sort of loose Pajama like trouser of the Salwar Kameez suit. Traditional Salwar is wide from top. It has 4 to 5 inches belt attached to rest part of the salwar which is pleated. Upper part of the Belt has tunnel for drawstring. Normally the traditional salwar size from top at waist area is almost double as the actual waist size to make it comfortable to wear.


Custom Salwar Kameez

Jaipurwala.com can make salawar kameez suits outfits in all sizes. Simply send us your size details indicating your preferences. Then we will make custom salwar kameez dress for the size which you specify including Tall and Plus Sizes. Select you expect design of salwar kameez and send us with your preferences.At here all the sizes are available including plus, misses, average, juniors, teenagers, weeding bridal and custom. The same dress can also be made for your teenage daughter or for your kids. We can make exactly the same dress for you without any cost and as per your size.